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J ZACHARIAH is an experienced and knowledgeable realtor with a specialized understanding of the real estate market gained from over 35 years of working in the building industry, primarily as an Architect. Designer. 

Prior to starting J's career as a Realtor, J worked with several government organizations and leading multinational Engineering Consulting firms as a senior designer. A few of my noteworthy occupations include; the Muscat Palace, Royal Court Affairs, in the Sultanate of Oman and York University, in Toronto, Canada.



J Zachariah is an honest realtor who will guarantee your protection from potential legal consequences throughout the transaction process. To uphold this guarantee, J takes measures to be transparent with my clients and always prioritize my clients’ best interests.

J Z is a powerful negotiator who will pursue all avenues and opportunities to get you the best possible deal.

J Z relies on multi cultural repeat clients and referrals to build his business. This is why J so motivated to provide the best service for my clients. With J ZACHARIAH, you can be assured to remain comfortable as I will guide you throughout the transaction process. It is J's prime objective for you to feel satisfied and to recommend J's service to your family and friends.

Although J ZACHARIAH is passionate about real estate, it is his clients’ appreciation and gratitude that inspires J to continue forward. It is J's job as a REALTOR® to not only help you sell or find a property but also help you enjoy your home to its fullest.



Go Beyond Your Property Needs and Wants:

When you shop for a new home, you should probably start by thinking about what you require in your next property. Your list might include a spacious Kitchen, open concept, Four Bedrooms, etc. Those are property features and of course, they are important, but you must go beyond your property needs and wants.   As your Favorite REALTOR®, J can help you answer these questions. Call J ZACHARIAH today at 647.637.9977 or  Edwina at 647.505.9615


Need Help:

Are You Worried About the Mortgage or Affordability Of Your Budget?

Team ZACH Can Help! Contact me to Book an Appointment for a Free Consultation.

J ZACHARIAH has a Support Team of professionals to take care of you during the entire process.



All markets have their own distinct Advantages. Take advantage of the Current Market, especially during this transition period.



J never compels his customers to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement; instead, J leaves this decision up to their own personal preference. J Z believes that his clients should put their faith in his service and not work with multiple agents at the same time. After closing each deal, all my clients have looked at me as an extended family member who is always willing to help them with their needs.


J ZACHARIAH – Honored as; `TOP 5% REAL ESTATE SALES REP. IN CANADA' (2020 - 2022)  Homelife President Club Award.  Team JZACH Selected for CBRB Best Businesses In Canada 2022.

Team JZACH sincerely thanks all our valuable clients who have put their trust in him and helped him achieve this remarkable accomplishment. Without their continued support and loyalty, this achievement would not have been possible. 

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